Congratulations to the Steeby famly in Missouri!

Congratulations to the Steeby family in Missouri on your purchase of our Cow calf pair Florence and JoJo. Florence has been one of our favorites, always the first to come to you for a scratch and pet, always hoping you have a treat in your pocket. JoJo is a beautiful heifer who looks just like her mamma. We hope they give your family as much enjoyment as they gave ours. See you soon and thank you for trusting us with this important purchase.

Congratulations Thornburg family in Indiana!

Congratulations to the Thornburg family in Indiana on their purchase of Annie's 2023 Heifer. The Thornburgs have selected the name Ruby. Perfect dont you think? Ruby will spend two more months at Annie's side then she will be off to her new family over 500 miles to the east. Thank you Thornburg's for your purchase, we know you will give Ruby a great home!

Florence and JoJo get a new family!

Congratulations to Cow/Calf pair Florence and JoJo on your new family. A deposit was received on this cow calf pair on Saturday May 27. They will be moving to a family south of Kansas City. We are happy that Florence and her Heifer are going to the same place. Happy day for everyone, enjoy your Moklahoma Dexter!